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Here is a quick tip that may get you out of a social jam at some point. You know the one we are talking about – using someone else’s toilet and clogging it. It is not a fun scenario to consider especially when you have to go ask your host for a plunger.

One quick thing you can try is to pour some hot water into the toilet. Worst case scenario it will help break up the clog allowing plunging to be much easier. Best case scenario it will actually break up the clog. The hot water helps break down the fatty parts of the clog allowing it to soften.

Another tip that you can use in conjunction with the hot water is to add some dishwashing detergent. The soap can help the hot water break up the clog thus improving your chances of having success!

If you do have to resort to a plunger remember the trick is more ooomph on the pull instead of the push to break up the clog.

As always, with difficult clogs that will not come out by hot water, soap or plunging, call a plumber to fix things up quickly!