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The plummeting temperatures, ice and snow can become the reasons for a troublesome Holiday season if the plumbing for your home wasn’t properly prepared for extreme conditions. The cold can cause real damage to your pipes, which can freeze and end up cracking or completely bursting open, causing disastrous home floods that will damage your floors, walls and furniture, not to mention the costly cleanup and repair bills.

Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can follow that will truly make a difference and prevent the most common problems we encounter during this season. You will not need a big budget or professional services hired; you must only invest some time in protecting your plumbing that you and your loved ones will be thankful for during the holidays. Be one step ahead by following these tips in order to avoid those plumbing issues and do nothing else but enjoy your winter:

Insulate Pipes To Prevent Them From Freezing

The biting cold temperatures can cause the water remaining inside your pipes to freeze, and therefore expanding the pipes to their limit, which puts them in risk of bursting and making a huge mess.

Covering your pipes in foam sleeves can easily prevent this. Simply cut the foam tube to the length of the pipe, cut it open, and wrap it around your pipe. Secure with duct tape around the foam tube. Make sure you regularly check the pipes in the colder areas of your house for built-up frost or cracks. If you are planning on going away for the season or for longer periods of time, you might want to consider asking a friend or a professional plumbing service to do regular check-ups throughout your house.

Clean Out Gutters and Drains

Built-up debris, such as leaves, dirt and rocks that fall from the trees or accumulate with rain and snow, can fill up your gutters and drains, making it easier for ice to set in and clog them. Make sure you clean them out before temperatures start dropping, and maybe invest in a few gutter guards to further prevent built-up and make the cleaning process easier.

Protect Outdoor Pipes

The water remaining in pipes leading outdoors can freeze up and make them burst. Make sure to close any shut-off valves you may have leading to outdoor faucets, and to drain the outside lines. Another great tip for protecting outside pipes is detaching your garden hose that you usually leave connected throughout the rest of the year. The water left inside can also freeze the connecting faucets and pipes and cause a major wreck if they too expand and explode.

Holiday Cooking and Greasy Foods

The colder temperatures make it easier for big amounts of grease and oils to buildup around your pipes and ultimately clog them. Try running cold water through the disposal for 10-15 seconds before and after disposing the oil down your sink, or better yet, be environmentally responsible and avoid contaminating millions of gallons of water by letting the oil cool down and putting it in a Ziploc bag, and throwing it in the trash can.

We all want a smooth transition when having to endure harsh weather, and we don’t want to deal with added expenses, repairs and damages that could come from bursting pipes and flooding, especially with all the discomforts that we already have to face with winter’s inclement conditions. Follow these simple preventive tips and put your money and time to better use by enjoying them with your family in your protected home.